Jan 28

Not to be confused with the Gulf Stream, the Florida Current is a thermal ocean current that flows generally from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

Underwater Turbines

Underwater Turbines

Suppose, in order to harness its power, XYZ Technology™ installs 100 (one hundred) 300 kw (kilowatt) turbines on the ocean floor ten miles off the Florida coast. In doing so, the aforementioned utility is able to satisfy the total electric requirement of, say, 500,000 homes.

My question for you is this: Does the placement of those 100 turbines affect, to any significant degree, the “flow” of the Florida Current? Do the turbines, for example, stop the flow? Don’t be silly. Of course not. Will 100 turbines in any way diminish the flow? No. The Florida Current, unabated, a thousand times mightier than the Mississippi, will just keep right on “flowing” along!

Were it in fact the utility’s objective to adversely impact the flow of the Florida Current, XYZ Technologies™ would fail, and fail miserably. Nothing anyone can do will diminish the relentless flow. Weighing in at a persistent 4 to 8 m.p.h. strong, this “river current” has not changed one iota in 500,000 years, and—short of some catastrophic, world-changing event (a dramatic pole shift,* for example)—it will continue flowing for thousands or millions of years to come.

The Florida Current. Think of it as the mighty Mississippi River. And right next to it—running parallel to it—is another Mississippi River. And another Mississippi River. And another, and another, and another… You get the idea?

Just you think about this: The moment XYZ Technology™ completes installation of its plant, bringing all 100 of its turbines on line, what is to prevent Aqua Song, Inc.,™ or IONinnovation™, from commencing construction of a 750 (seven hundred and fifty) turbine “energy complex” in the area immediately north/south/east/west (take your pick) of theirs? Nothing. Nada. Absolutely nothing!

It is my contention is that, with respect to the 50 states, each is the legitimate owner of some portion of the whole (i.e., the ocean), hence all Americans have a stake, in this new technology in particular, and in the new energy paradigm in general. This translates, of course, to jobs, many millions of jobs. Engineers, electricians, welders, crane operators…and on and on. We are speaking here of the employment of men and women from each and every state of the union—not only the few who are fortunate enough to reside in marine states.

Someday, there could well be a hundred or more marine current farms (electrical generation facilities), stretching from this side of Florida…to that side of Texas. And all these turbines, working away feverishly in tandem, would never so much as put a small dent in the persistent flow of the Florida Current/Mississippi Current/Louisiana Current/ Texas Current.

Now this, this is America’s future. This is what you call energy independence. Just think about that!

Copyright © 2009 Frank Trujillo

Wikipedia: Pole Shift Hypothesis

Wikipedia: Pole Shift Hypothesis

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written by Frank Trujillo

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  1. 1. Dan Says:

    Outstanding material! Motivating. When do we begin building?

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