Jan 15
Ocean Turbines

Ocean Turbines

One the world’s greatest untapped energy resources is the motion of the ocean. Of course, while floating wind turbines and wave-powered generators are being explored and researched, underwater ocean currents remains an area that is largely untapped.

Now researchers at the Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology have developed a technology that would allow them to tap the Gulf Stream currents. This they believe would be able to cover all of Florida’s energy needs. These scientists are truly working hard to transform the vision from science fiction to reality.

Vertical Axis Turbine

Vertical Axis Turbine

Frederick Driscoll, director of the Florida Center for Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology at Florida Atlantic University was noted as saying that his young kids, aged 2 and 4 could very well see a world that is powered by renewable energy, with a significant portion of it being powered from the ocean.

In about three years, underwater turbines could begin harnessing the power of the current known as the Gulf Stream to produce commercial electricity. And within three to five years, deep-ocean cold water could be used for commercial air conditioning. Thereafter in 7 to 10 years, scientists could begin commercially harnessing the energy produced by the differences in ocean temperatures at various depths.

Read the entire article from EcoFriend.

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