Jan 20
President Obama

President Obama

Today, Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, as millions of Americans and others throughout the world celebrate the inauguration of our Nation’s first African American president, I come away with a renewed sense of optimism, and hope.

There is a renewed excitement today on a great variety of fronts, not the least of which relates to energy and the environment. Ocean-based energy has a better chance than ever to ignite and inspire the collective imagination of our people. The 110th Congress may well have failed to take action, but the 111th just might! Our country’s 43rd President may have done nothing, but this new 44th President of the United States—this upstart “Yes We Can!” President, President Barack Obama—might just take a swing at it. He might just knock it right out of the ballpark!

God knows our country is ready for change. OceanNRG™ (ocean-based technologies) represents an entirely new energy paradigm—a veritable sea-change with respect to how electricity is produced (no pun intended). It’s an economical, and highly innovative, source of clean, and persistently renewable, power. And guess what? It’s also a potential source of 5 million or more new jobs! Finally, it’s a technology that is exquisitely suited to the needs of our country, and world, at this crucial moment in our history.

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written by Frank Trujillo

2 Responses to “Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009”

  1. 1. Monica Says:

    This is good stuff, Frank! I believe we should be exploring any and all potential sources of energy that will help lead us to energy independence. One concern/question I’ve had about wave and current energy, though, is what are the implications for marine life?

  2. 2. Frank Trujillo Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments! I agree! We must absolutely approach ocean-based technologies with 100% concern for marine life–flora and fauna. Please refer to “An Open Letter to the President and Congress: Ocean Energy is Vital in Our Battle Against Global Warming,” specifically pages 4 (bottom) and 5. As you will note, I have specifically called for the creation of a new, Cabinet-level, U.S. Department of the Ocean (middle, page 5). I look forward to any additional ideas or suggestions you may have. Thanks!

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